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IT’S NOT THE TIME YET… English Translation

“What would skylark
want to say
that she fell thunderstruck?”
asked the sunflower –
John, the beloved disciple.

Air is burning
that is why even the wheat ears
because of the fire
bent their waxied tops.
No road and not even a path
from the wheatfield to the mill.
Disciples keep quiet.
So does Jesus.

John asks again:
“What would skylark
want to say?
What did she say…”
The Master
is calming down His throbbing heart
of the unspoken prophecy
about wounded poppies.
With His hand He blesses
the prostrated wheat.
Turned towards John,
He tells almost whispering:
(How dare one say loudly?)
“It’s not the time yet.
The hour has not come!”

English translation by
Muguras Maria Petrescu